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Monday, 15 January 2018

2018 Is The Year Of BOTS

2018 Is The Year Of BOTS

Bots are still is  in basic stage . But how and when to use them in the enterprise may be boost the growth.

The bots are used by the business for customer services. The bots are starts for business purpose and currently bots are used for decision making , to distribute information as well as for marketing.
There are 100,000 bots on facebook messenger . From their 80 to 85% bots are not well design and they not have AI. that type of bots are only used for the information providing in FAQs and scripted dialogue with links to their website.Although this bots are useful for to reduce the call centers and live agents.

Who Create BOTS ?

Of course this bots are not do on their own . they are programmed by the bad peoples who have bad intension. Now days technology becomes more better , so that way this bots harm society.

"If any person which have resources in terms of money , time , experties they can be functionally launch 1000 strong bot-net on twitter. " woolley says.

And those who takes advantages of such bots have wide range like terrorist groups .

Not all bots are safe

Whenever we are use social media like facebook and twitter etc. Bot can look profile if its a real person. And automatically a messages can be send to a targeted user.Wrong information has always spread in social media

Woolley says that "Bots allow computationally enhanced.They increase the numbers like a 1000 fold ability to reach the people.In 2016 bots are used for the spread wrong information or to increase the images of perticular person. This will not stop in 2017  And it continue in new year 2018.

How bots are not safe us in 2018 ?

Bots will used to target the population to achieve small objectives. "Bots are become increasing issue specific." woolley says.

Woolley pointout the  upcoming race senate in Utah. he says that bots used to target that race and subsections it involves. This is worrying trend because if more bots means it is easiar to societies into tribes.

Bots dont have own control. they are programmed. All the humans have desicion makin ability which makes us more advanced than the computer programs that hurs and targeted us.

How can be we safe from bots ?

2018 is the year we are going to experience  more attacks from harmful bots. But it is possible to fight back with this bots by keeping them from dividing humanity.

Reactive but forward thinking is the best way to keep the bots away from public. That means information we are taken from the internet is coming from the bot means something seems suspect.
Just check before the shearing information from which source is come.

also check the Apple acquires canadian software startup Buddybuild.

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