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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Microsoft AI technology can read the documents and answer the question

Microsoft AI technology can read the documents and answer the question.

Microsoft researchers have created a technology that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to read the documents and answer the question about it.

Allison Linn is the senior writer at Microsoft they wrote on blog post on tuesday  that "Its a major milestone in the push to have search engines such as Bing and intelligent assistants such as Cortana interact with people and provide information in more natural ways, much like people communicate with each other."

A team at Microsoft research Asia reached the human parity milestone using the Stanford Question Answering Dataset, known among research as SQuAD . Its a machine reading comprehension dataset that is made up of question about a set of wikipedia articles.

On JAN 3 , According to the SQuAD leaderboard , Microsoft researchers has submitted a model that reached the score of 82.50 on the exact match portion. And human performance on the same set of questions and answer is 82.304.
On JAN 5, Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba also submitted a model that reached the score 82.440. Which is also similar to human.

Microsoft ha allready submit models to the SQuAD database leadership in its search engine i.e BING. 

Microsoft has  invest in machine reading comprehension to create advance technology so that people can interact in simple and easy way. In this case microsoft trying to more technology on Bing engine like instead of typing in search query and getting lots of links. Bing search engine provide more plain spoken answer.

With the help of machine reading comprehension Researcher says computer also able to analyze information from books and documents and provide to people on there need basis. 

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