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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Apple acquires canadian software startup Buddybuild

Apple has acquired a Canadian software startup named Buddybuild in its effort to woo app developers. The news was confirmed by the Buddybuild on its official blog, No official statement about the same issued by  the apple.

The Deal was reported by Techcrunch and buddybuild also confirmed. TechCrunch reported that the aquisition will apparently make the process more convenient developers for create newer apps for Apples mobile and tablet platforms. Buddybuild is an App tool startup which is focused on the continuos integration and debugging tools and helps in app development.

The Blogspot from Buddybuild said ,"We’re excited to share that the buddybuild team has joined the Xcode engineering group at Apple to build amazing developer tools for the entire iOS community. We’ve always been proud to be a Canadian company, so we’re also pleased that we will be staying right here in Vancouver — a hotbed of developer and engineering talent.”

The post also apprently states that their sevice will remain available for exixting customers but the company will not accept the new customer.

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