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Friday, 5 January 2018

what is Hyperloop ?I HYPERLOOP

The Journey between two cities , which is closed to a hundreds miles long would take twelve minutes to complete. And this is happen by the concept of Hyperloop.
  The hyperloop concept was praposed by the billionaire inventer Elon Musk.CEO of the aerospace firm spaceX and the guy behind Tesla. Elon Musk praposed a "fifth mode of transport" in 2012.

What Is Hyperloop?

    Basically it consist of two massive tubes extending from San Francisco to Los Angeles.It carring Passanger would travel the 350-mile (560 km) route at a average speed of  600 mph (970 km/hr), with a top speed of 760 mph (1200 km/hr).

     The Hyperloop concept would be a cost-saving measure , specially when measured against the rail projects currently underway. Musk white paper for the hyperloop  estimates the total cost of 6 billion dollors.

      Hyperloop transportation technology is a group of more than 800 engineers and professionals from through out the world.

 Hyperloop transportation technology build a 8 km test track near interstate. between Los Angeles And San Francisco. The goverment of Abu Dhabi announced plans to conduct test of hyperloop link between UAE and Al Ain. It will takes 10 minute time to travel through UAE and AL AIN.  The goverment of Andhra Pradesh  has been signed the agreement in September 2017 to build the track from Amaravati to Vijaywada and it will take 6 minute travel.

    According to Musk, Hyperloop would be useful on Mars as no tubes required beacause Mars atmosphere is about 1% the density of the Earth at sea level. To work hyperloop on Mars low pressure tubes are needed.


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