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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Video Games Fact

Fact About Video Games

1 . Super Mario

        Super Mario game was invented by Nintendo.

  •   In Super Mario game, The name of mario is put on the landlord of  warehouse of Nintendo company. Whoes actual name is Mario Segale.

  •  Mario is appearances in more than 120 games. You can see mario in more than 120 games.

2. Pac-man

    Pac-man is most popular game. The name of designer of Pac-man game is Toru Iwatani.

  • Once Toru was eating pizza . While eating pizza , looked down at a pizza with a missing slice, And used this as outline of pac-man game.

3. Playstaion

  • Sony Playstation does not start with a seprate console. Sony has contract with the Nintendo. Sony has decided to make all the part of Nintendo console and the rest branding is all of Nintendo console. After that Nintendo has Change the plan and cancel the aggrement. Sony has allready make a part of console So has started their own console Whoes name is Playstion.

  • Playstation 2 is most selling console ever with more than 125 miilion coppies are sold.

4. Golden Axe

  •     In year 1989 , Golden Axe game was launched for sega platform. In this game voice of all characters is given by the Prisoner who has been hanging or was sentenced for hanging.

  •  So the Voice off all the Golden Axe characters are real and no longer be in the world.

5. GTA SanAndreas

  • GTA SanAndreas name has been in the Guiness book of world record.
  • In this game 816 voice actors has worked. In which 200 actors are Professionals voice artist but the remaining are the fan of GTA series who wants to work in GTA.

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